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3 Poems by Georgina Ramírez, Blackbird.

4 Poems by Elizaria Flores, Asymptote.

3 Poems by Gerardo Arístides Rivodó, MAYDAY Magazine, forthcoming.

2 Poems by Miguel Ortiz Rodríguez, ANMLY.

4 Poems by Ivana Aponte, Waxwing, Winter 2022.

"Canto XXI" of Dante's Inferno, Journal of Italian Translation.

"Memories" by Ivana Aponte, Washington Square Review, forthcoming.


4 Poems by Eva Tizzani, Asymptote, Summer 2021.

"House," by Sara Emanuel Viloria, Nashville Review, Spring 2019.

"Eat Shit, Horseface" and "Patria o Muerte— ¡Venceremos!" by Sara Emanuel Viloria, The Literary Review, November 2020.

"[I have a collection of powerful objects]," "*," and "Slowly," by Jesús      Amalio Lugo, Copper Nickel, March 2022

7 Poems by Maximiliano Sojo, Temporary Archives: Poems by Women of Latin AmericaArc Publications and Edge Hill University Press, forthcoming.

2 Poems by Daniela Nazareth Romero, The Bitter Oleander, Vol. 27; No. 2.

"The Scream: A Confusion of Voices," by Gladys Mendía, Los Poetas del 5.


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