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"The Falls of Richmond," "What Country," "Ode to an Avocado," "The Democratic Socialists of America Demonstrate Solidarity with the Venezuelan Working Class by Fist-bumping Dictator's in Caracas's Most Expensive Hotel," and "Ceora," Handwritten & Co.

"Gravity Well" and "Listening to Piazzolla, Tierra del Fuego," The Inflectionist Review.

"Chiloé," Poetry Online.

5 Poems translated into the Spanish by Ivana Aponte, La Parada Poética.

"Pastoral" and "Removal," Split Rock Review

"Above Ground Pool" and "Voice," DIAGRAM, forthcoming.


"Runoff, Invocation" and "411 Gilmer Street," Vassar Review.

"Cacerolazo, October 2019" and "Ghost," On the Seawall.

"Casa Violeta" and "Fault Lines," The American Journal of Poetry. 

"World Music and Arts Festival, Santiago, Chile," BoothSpring 2021.

"El Wenufoye" and "Negro Matapacos," Mānoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, v. 32, Tyranny Lessons.

"El Wenufoye," "Universalis Cosmographia," and "Pozo gravitatorio," translated to the Spanish by Nelson Zúñiga; "Negro Matapacos," translated to the Spanish by Sara Emanuel Viloria, Los Poetas del 5.

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