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David M. Brunson
Poet, Literary Translator, Editor

"The English-language version of these heady yet earthy poems is both pitch perfect and remarkably vital. The translator has found a lovely, constant idiom that urges the reader forward into a swirling world of history political and personal, culture high and low, and poetry of family and persona..."

Poet, Editor, Literary Translator

—Minna Proctor, 2020 Judge of the Lily Peter Fellowship in Translation


Winner of the Golden Ink Award, 2023


David Brunson and Diego Alegría discuss literary translation for the University of Chile's conference on Chilean poetry during and after the Pinochet dictatorship. 

David Brunson reads his poetry in Spanish, translated by Nelson David Zúñiga, for - Condor + Huemul, Fundación Versolibre's conference on political poetry  during Chile's 2019 social crisis.  


The Scream: a Confusion of Voices by Gladys Mendía, translation by David Brunson, available now from Los Poetas del 5.

Manoa 32-1 cover front_0.jpg

Mānoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, v. 32, Tyranny Lessons featuring

 2 poems by David Brunson


The Literary Review: Hawks Do Not Share, featuring two translations of Sara Emanuel Viloria

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